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2013-11-26 07:27:42 -0500 asked a question cvboost mldata

I trained my data using cvboost algorithm. My input training data contains 10 samples and 100 features. I am writing it into csv file and i am loading from it into mldata object. Call train method using this. But variables from csv file is features+1 all the time which includes response. It trains good but when i call predict(), it throws the following error. PLease someone tell me how to resolve the problem. Here is the error: OpenCV Error: Bad argument (the input sample must be 1d floating-point vector with the same number of elements as the total number of variables or as the number of variables used for training) in predict,

2013-11-18 05:43:31 -0500 asked a question Cvknearest input

What is the actual input for cvknearest algorithm of machine learning. Is it just a set of images or features from images. If so, how to extract features and store them in a csv file? Tell me about the inputs for the algorithm. I saw documentation and many other links but couldnt get a clear idea.

2013-10-31 04:27:57 -0500 asked a question framesource

I have a frame whose resolution is to be increased. How can I add that particular Mat frame object to FrameSource object. And then i want to set it as input to the SuperResolution object. Is there a way to do it?