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2013-09-26 14:01:35 -0500 asked a question Arrow detection what is the best approach?

I need to detect a arrow shape e.g.

image description

(the arrow will most likely have a different colour probably red)

This will be in a live environment i.e. the arrow will be printed on a piece of A4 paper and hung up in a corridor. The camera which needs to detect the image will most likely be a bit shaky so there will be some deformation of the image I presume, also lighting might be an issue. Further the arrow only needs to be detected from the front e.g. not from the side where it will be deformed.

I am now wondering now what my best approach might be to correctly detect the arrow and as such its direction, left or right.

Might for example this approach be a good start? Detect all the contours and then find all the heptagon's (7 vertices) in the result and then invent my own algorithm to check if one of the found heptagon represents a arrow? Or using a approximates of polygonal curves?

Or might there be a approach/function where I give a image or shape of the arrow to the algorithm and then searches for similar objects/shapes in the image retrieved from the webcam.

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