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Many tutorials have missing images. I've asked Abid Rahman K (one of the authors of the tutorials) for help to find the missing files, but in the meantime, I'll share what I've seen as missing, and what I've found on the web:

Basic Operations on Images is missing: opencv_logo.png

Arithmetic Operations on Images is missing: ml.png, opencv_logo.jpg (actually, it is a different file from the one currently in the source)

Geometric Transformations of Imagesis missing: drawing.png, sudokusmall.png. Found replacement/original for sudokusmall.png at

Image Thresholdingis missing: gradient.png, dave.jpg, noisy2.png. Found replacement/original for dave.jpg at (I've created a version of noisy2.png, but the results were somewhat different from the tutorial)

Smoothing Images is missing: opencv_logo.png. It seems to be a copy of doc/opencv-logo-white.png

Image Pyramids is missing: apple.jpg, orange.jpg (originals from here)

I'll try to and more details later.