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2013-09-09 05:30:44 -0500 commented question Native camera over HTC device

Actually, I have seen that the specific issue of HTC phone with native camera have been treated So I expect that it should work, but may be have I misconfigured something?

2013-09-06 10:09:31 -0500 asked a question Native camera over HTC device


I want to use OpenCV native camera over a HTC device (Android 4.1.1). I thought this was a kwnown issue that has been already corrected.

I am using OpenCV-2.4.6-android-sdk but I am not able to make my application (which uses OPENCV native camera) work on the HTC device (while it works well on a Galaxy S device). I also tried to use the native camera with the sample code "tutorial-1-camerapreview sample ", but It does not work on my HTC device. Could you give me any clues to make it work.