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I know. That's why I asked how to make same effect as Photoshop with OpenCV. It seems you don't know how to do.

2016-09-29 09:12:04 -0500 asked a question Clone Gaussian Filter of Photoshop

I tried Gaussian Blur of OpenCV. But it shows different result from Photoshop. For example, I was asked to input radius in Photoshop. So I typed 25.

And by using OpenCV, I coded as follows.

cv::Mat cvMat = cv::imread("1.jpg"); // this image is a grayscale image.
cv::Mat gb;
cv::GaussianBlur(cvMat , gb, cv::Size(25*2+1, 25*2+1), 25);

But I got different result. So I tried 50, instead of 25 and after that, I saw similar result, but still different. What should I do to get the same result as Photoshop Gaussian Filter?

Thank you.