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2016-10-14 09:32:43 -0500 asked a question How can I extract the most "emphasized" (brightest?) parts of an image?

Hi! I'm trying to extract the most different/emphasized/brightest parts of an image. An example is in the next image, I would like to obtain a ROI of the red and blue auras on it. However, these auras can take random colors (white, yellow, green, orange...). How could I do it? Could you guide me a bit? Thanks!

image description

2016-10-13 07:41:48 -0500 asked a question Is it a good task for a classifier? Result with too many false positives.

These last days I've been working on training a classifier to find some patterns on images. Specifically, those red and blue auras in the next image (however they can take another random color):

image description

For this task I decided to train a classifier. Finding a lot of these auras (500) in different images and using them as positive samples. I have tested several types of classifiers, however I'm obtaining a lot of false positive results.

I wonder if doing this with a classifier is a good task, due these auras have a color which emphasizes them (but, again, it's not always the same color) and, perhaps, it's a task for image processing techniques. Isn't it?

Could you give me some guides to perform this detection?