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2016-08-17 05:58:07 -0600 commented question Run-time Error Importing Caffe Models

I just reconstuted the old libaries and it worked fine. I think its a problem with the new libaries.

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2016-08-16 02:45:26 -0600 asked a question Run-time Error Importing Caffe Models

When importing a caffe model I am getting the error convolution_layer.cpp:89:error:(-215) input.dims() ==4 && (input.type() == CV_32F || input.type() == CV_64F) in function cv::dnn::ConvolutionLayerImpl::allocate.

We never used to have this problem until recently we have rebuilt the libaries multiple times. We have had the program sucessfully run for quite some time importing and classifying with caffe models. However we lost the origional copies and as we reconstructed the new libaries this error has occured.

Issue has now been posted at this link: