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thank you, can you explain me what's the point of blurring the image? Is it something recommended in this case also when you work on more "complex" shapes?

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Thanks! Actually, I did what you suggested using the same sample image and also counting how many pixels were set to 1 (without repetitions). I ended up with having exactly 877 white pixels in the new Mat::zeros image. At this point, i think the result I get by using "findNonZero" is correct, accurate and in this case more efficient since I can avoid the double for loop I used for mapping the contour points for this test.

2016-07-30 14:06:29 -0500 asked a question Does findContours create duplicates?

Hi, I'm considering a binary image from which I extract its edges using cv::Canny. Consequently, I perform cv::findContours, storing all the contours points coordinates in a

vector < vector < Point > >


I noticed that the number of pixels (Points) in this structure is greater than the number of pixels I get by computing

vector<point> white_pixels;
findNonZero(silhouette, white_pixels);

on the same image.

Therefore I'm wondering if this happens because findContours includes duplicate points in its result or because findNonZero is less precise.

E.g. on a 200x200 sample image with the first method I get 1552 points while with the second I get 877.

In case the first hypothesis is correct, is there a way to either ignore the duplicates or remove them?