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2016-07-21 08:16:15 -0500 commented question Use openCV to determine html tag.

It doesn't.

It's your job to tell OCR what to look for.

Have a little Google around. My tip is two sites and

Good luck.

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Tesseract OCR.

2016-07-21 07:11:08 -0500 answered a question Sir.. i m looking to know about how to measure or recognize eye movement..

Have a look in opencv310/open cv/build/haarcascade/

You will find haarcascade_eye.xml there.

Or in opencv2413/build/share/opencv/haarcascades.

2016-07-20 16:15:58 -0500 answered a question Open cv 3.1.0, open cv 2.4.13 -Java - building library with cmake/ Visual Studio

Avoid grey hair, don't try to combine distribution 2.4.13 and 3.1.0. Amongst several issues pertaining to Java wrapper build script written in Python these distributions are incompatible. Someone skilled enough in Python and Java can easily rewrite or write their own scripts to create a middle ground of the versions, however that's beyond my capabilities.

It also seems like the downloadable zips from github are a better choice than to clone. But that's just my experience.

My solution therefore is to use each distribution in their own projects (I'm using Java) and make global import of both versions but only refer to one specific for each of the projects

2016-07-20 03:14:34 -0500 answered a question OpenCV 2.4.11 Linux Ubuntu - Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no opencv_java2411 in java.library.path

Take note of where the open cv_javax.x.x.dll is in your open cv installation folder. Usually in opencv, build, Java,x64. In your project properties set -djava library path to this file.

2016-07-20 00:30:13 -0500 commented question Open cv 2.4 - opencv_java build error -

Line 34, visual studio:Generating core.cpp

Line 34, visual studio: File "c:/users/.../, line 813

CUSTOMBUILD : print Generator error : class %s (%s) is duplicated"% \

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I don't think it's a duplicated class, I think it's an error in the code catching duplicated classes. The code clearly shall give the name of the duplicated class, but no name is given.

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That IS the exact error message. The syntax error is at line 813 in in the class add_class.

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2016-07-19 23:47:21 -0500 asked a question Open cv 2.4 - opencv_java build error -

Visual Studio reports under build of open cv: class % (%s) is duplicated" %\ and says there's an syntax error.

The error pertains to the file in \opencv\modules\java\generator\

The error message indicates that line 813 in said file is the culprit. Line 813 reads:

Def add_class(self, decl):

classinfo = Classinfo(decl)

if in class_ignore_list:


name =

if name in self.classes:

print "Generator error: class %s (%s) is duplicated" %\

(name, classinfo.cname)


the same file in Opencv 3.1.0 in same class, line 959 (I'm using notepad++) reads:

Def add_class(self, decl): ...

self.classes[name] = classinfo

if name in type dict:

logging.warning('duplicated: %s' , classinfo)


Apparantly calls to the print method in Python needs to be enclosed in parethesis thusly: print("some msg"). Original code called print only by: " some msg". It created the error messages.

2016-07-19 22:11:50 -0500 commented question how to solve the Error: Could not find or load main class in opencv3.0.0 with Java eclipse?

Try running just that specific file, not the whole project if you have several files in the project. It might be that Eclipse. Itself has decided which file should be main.

2016-07-19 21:25:47 -0500 commented question I downloaded It extracted but did not install

You must take note of where you extract the files. It creates an open cv folder. Just search for it. You can also clone a repo with tortoisegit from github. Right click the folder and "clone". To use the library you can use your favorite IDE to refer to Opencv. That's to say you import the open cv library to whatever IDE you're using. For instance if your using net beans , you want the open cv x.x.x.jar file to be a global library and the open cv x.x.x.dll to be your Java library path. Then, when you're writing code, you import modules of interest from open cv into your code. For instance ,import org.opencv.videoio.videocapture, and then make an object of the module like so: source = new videocapture(0).

2016-07-19 21:15:22 -0500 commented question problem installing opencv-python on Windows

I've successfully installed numpy 1.11 ( : build, install Numpy installs itself in /users/appdata/local/programs/Python /python35/lib/site-packages/numpy-1.11.1 Had cmake complain of import trouble, it turned out to be reference to numpy include directory. By the way if you're using cmake, cmake prefers python 3.5.x

2016-07-18 15:46:49 -0500 edited question Open cv 3.1.0, open cv 2.4.13 -Java - building library with cmake/ Visual Studio

Given the the above requisites , how to replicate the standard open cv build as downloadable from github? When my build is built, It doesn't produce the open cv x.x-Java.dll. It does however build the opencvx.x-Java.jar (sometimes).

There are .dll files for the created modules in the build folder, but there is no Java folder with opencv_java310/2423.dll to be found in the build folder. The open cv installation from github has a Java folder with this .dll file. It's missing from my build. I have looked in my build folder folders but that .dll file is not generated.

The build fails partly with the mentioned errors to the include files, but still creates the .jar file and .dll files for the modules.

Have explored some more: installed correct Python version for cmake, 3.5, built and installed numpy 1.11.1, have set debug and numpy include dirs.

Visual studio express 2015 for desktop Windows says with error c1083 for opencv_python3 that it cannot open include file _numpyconfig.h. It is NOT asking for the numpyconfig.h file which reside in /user/.../numpy x.x.x/numpy/core/include/numpy. It's asking for a _numpyconfig file referred to as an #include header file in the numpyconfig.h file.

Visual Studio also complains on behalf of opencv_java with error c1083 that it cannot open include file opencv2/reg.hpp.

What do I do?

Please can some experienced person give solution?

Right, I tried a new take on it. Cloned the repo for open cv , made source and target folders. Checked cmake for errors. I'll attempt build it without any attempt to add modules from open cv contrib or anything even moderately advanced .Now I don't get .jar file either. The number of errors tallies to 83. On the bright side, the tally of warnings were zero. Not all bad.

Right, tried once more. This time also being sure getting rid of old reference to Python 2.7 in cmake, only referencing Python 3.5. Now I've got 1 fail but this is an fatal link error. LNK1104: cannot open file Python35_d.lib.and there are neither .jar file nor opencv_javax.x.dll file.

Ignoring the issue of Python bindings and net beans, I've got new and even more errors, this time from cmake. "Cmake error at modules/Java/cmake_install.cmake.31 file INSTALL cannot find "c:/users/.../open cv-2413.jar"

Opencv_java:" class%(%s) is duplicated %"

MSB3073 The command "set local c:\programfiles...\cmake.exe -DBUILD_TYPE=Debug -P cmake-install...."

After the build the Src org opencv only has four folders with no content. The install folder has no .jar file, it has no open cv -dll file file.

Got opencv 2.4, made build and source directories, made path for Ant, included open cv _java in cmake, using visual studio with c/c++ compilers, using All Build, then install.