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2013-08-06 07:27:55 -0500 asked a question OPENCV 2.4.6 JAVA DOCUMENTATION

I didn't find some helpful java tutorials(I mean java code) I want to split a video into frames and compare these frames to others in the database using feature detection All I got is c++ code if you have any links please help me I am pressed for time

2013-08-05 09:02:18 -0500 asked a question opencv v2.4.6 video capture

i want to know if opencv 2.4.6 supports video capture because i didn't find any code sample related to that

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2013-07-31 04:27:59 -0500 asked a question Augmented reality Android application to recognize known object in real time camera frame.

I have to develop an Augmented reality Android application.This application helps for indoor navigation using a smartphone.I mean it helps the user to recognize objects inside a building or some place like a train station and showing any object recognised using augmented reality approach. I am asking if I can use opencv only to develop this application. thanks.