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I've used OpenCV's calibrateCamera function to give me the rvecs and tvecs to try to get the transformation from that of my camera with world coordinates (0,0,0) to that of a chessboard. I'm using it to find the corners of the chessboard with respect to the camera.

I'm confused as to how to apply the rvec and tvec to get the transformation. Do I just do (0,0,0)*rvec + tvec. If this is the case, how do I invert the transformation, as I'll need this for something else as well?

After doing research online I realized I may have to use the Rodrigues() function to get the rotation matrix from rvec, augment that with the tvec, and then add a row of (0,0,0,1) to get a 4x4 transformation matrix. This way, I would be able to get the inverse. However, If that is the case, how do I multiply that by (0,0,0)? Am I just supposed to do (0,0,0,1)*(rotm|tvec, 0,0,0,1)?

I'm not sure which of the two methods to use, I'm doubtful about how to proceed with either of them.