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2012-09-14 02:12:57 -0500 asked a question Is there a shoulder-head detect model in OpenCV?

Hello everyone,

We need find the people's head in a image. I want to know if there is a shoulder-head detect model in OpenCV to let me to do that.


Yanbin Yue

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2012-09-05 02:02:11 -0500 commented answer How could I detect if someone wear a helmet?

Thanks for your answers. We have talked about this solution several days. We think this solution may not be very perfect, because we need solve some other problem in this solution, such as the hsv value of the same color would have much difference in different light intensity, and so on. So we thought that we need some more measures combine with face detect to decide the detect result.

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2012-08-27 04:52:59 -0500 asked a question How could I detect if someone wear a helmet?

Hello everyone:

We want to detect if the people wear a helmet on a video sequence,

as the attached image shown. But it looks there is not a good solution for this.

Could anyone give me some suggestion?

Thanks Yanbin Yue

image description