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2016-04-26 10:58:31 -0500 asked a question why Opencv with Qt cmd remains after actual opencv window is closed

i have opencv various versions with Qt 4.x or 5.x build with visual sutdio 2010

when i run my exe, with simple opencv loading an image , waitkey and release , Qt seems to keep open the cmd window if i close the opecv window. ( it only closes the cmd window if i press button to realease and destroy window from code, but NOT when i manually close it and this is kind of close is the normally expected from my users or my programs). this cmd also has output ''init done'', qt message.

without QT build, the cmd closes automatically when i close the opencv window, as expected. moreover the exe, when i have the QT builded opencv, seems to have a memory leak and doesnt let me delete it.

why the cmd remains? this is a bug i think. how to force it close when a user simply closes opencv window?