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2013-12-30 09:44:04 -0500 asked a question hand detect -android

I want to detect hand by opencv in android. I just change the sample code(face detection)'s lbpcascade_frontalface.xml to haarcascade_hand.xml which I download in link text. My question is the detect function need rewrite? Who can give me some advice

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OK. I will try it. thx again

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thx for your answer. so if I want create, only I can do is write in jni dosen't it?

2013-07-05 07:15:21 -0500 asked a question createEigenFaceRecognizer-android

I want use FaceRecognizer in android. How can I do? If I direct use like "FaceRecognizer mode = createEigenFaceRecognizer();",I will got the method createEigenFaceRecognizer() is undefined.

Can anyone tell me? thx.