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@pklab, thanks for your contribution and the code example is very much appreciated. This is just what I thought opencv could do. This is a great start to my project.

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Thank for suggestions. I'm working on them but everything is slow a I learn.

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A project I have been thinking about for some time is a robotic stone picker to clear my fields of stones (rocks). These vary in size from 75 mm to 350 mm diameter. While I'm quite proficient in the mechanical side the use of computer vision is totally new to me and I would be grateful for some help to get me going in the right direction. The image shows a typical example of the stones to be identified by opencv ( the largest stone is about 150mm x 200mm). So far I have only tried SimpleBlobDetector without much success ( it mainly detected the shadows). Bearing in mind that shadows change throughout the day and colours change with weather and season, where do I start? One idea is to use stereo cameras and try to identify object proud of the ground.

Thanks.examples of stones