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@berak. Thanks for the answer I was looking for slant correction not skew correction. I have already done skew correction in openCV following this tutorial.

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Hello I am trying to do preprocessing on the IAM DB offline samples. Namely I want to do slant correction on each handwriting image sample they have. This is because I want to use a neural net to do handwriting recognition.

Firstly is there a way to do this in OpenCV out of the box ? Like is there a class or function that I can call something like the following ?


If not can someone outline the steps in detail, since I am new to OpenCV.

BTW, slant correction refers to shearing the image so that handwriting samples are not slanted to the right.

An example would be following-: slant_correction.png

The problem is that every sample has different slant corrections required ie. different levels of shearing required, so how do I firstly detect the slant required and secondly how do I correct it ?