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2013-07-28 15:32:41 -0600 commented answer Native camera support for Android 4.3?

Hi Alex, Thanks for the answer. Are there any plans to support Android Open MAX? It should allow native access to the camera, although I haven't seen any sample code of it. But it works on Android 4.0 and above, maybe it will be a better choice to use it from Android 4.0 or higher as there will be no need to compile a specific library for each Android OS version.

2013-07-25 06:28:28 -0600 asked a question Native camera support for Android 4.3?

Hi, I've updated my device to Android 4.3, how can I get the camera libarary:

Is it possible to compile on myself? If so, how?

2013-06-30 06:30:55 -0600 commented answer Load cascade classifier from memory?

I have the same problem :/ It seems like it only receives a key\data pair.

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