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2016-06-09 00:10:39 -0500 answered a question Trained model for OpenCV structured edge detection

The reason that the model from Pdollar github doesn't work is the sharpen parameter. You can try either setting the sharpen parameter to 0 and then retrain a new model based on BSDS or whatever data set you like or you can try correct the following lines in OPENCV structured_edge_detection.cpp source file:

int start = __rf.edgeBoundaries[currentNode * (__rf.edgeBoundaries.size() - 1) / (nTreesNodes * nTrees)]; int finish = __rf.edgeBoundaries[currentNode * (__rf.edgeBoundaries.size() - 1) / (nTreesNodes * nTrees) + 1];

(or you better keep the the multiple factor at a side variable such as: const int nBnds = (__rf.edgeBoundaries.size() - 1) / (nTreesNodes * nTrees)

Cheers, Ohad