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2017-08-14 16:37:40 -0500 commented question OpenCV with Eclipse Oxygen on Windows10 64bit

Alright, I will try it, thank you !!!

2017-08-14 16:03:33 -0500 commented question OpenCV with Eclipse Oxygen on Windows10 64bit

I do not know the reason why (yet), but I somehow don't like visual studio. But it seems that I will have to try it anyway. Do you have a link to the tutorial you mentioned?

2017-08-14 15:41:56 -0500 answered a question How can a single channel represent a color image?


Just out of curiosity, did you try to change "A.channels" to lets say "R.channels" ? If the answer would be again 1, then it is how many of A, or R, or G, or B channels do your image have,,, It seems to me that you "asked" how many Alpha channels does your image have, since A may mean Alpha channel.

Digital image can include four channels, the RGB as you mentioned plus one Alpha channel (transparency).

I am just another newbie in OpenCV... Let me know

2017-08-14 15:32:03 -0500 asked a question OpenCV with Eclipse Oxygen on Windows10 64bit

Hi all,

I am a complete newbie with OpenCV, Eclipse and everything around this. I am in need to work with C++ for image processing and manipulation and one way I have found for C++ is Eclipse, so I have installed Oxygen. Later, I found that I need OpenCV. I have tried to follow this setup >> and it does not work for me for some reasons I do not understand at all.

I have tried some other methods, but none of them is working.... So this is my last option...

I have win10 64bit, Eclipse Oxygen and nothing else, no OpenCV, no MinGW, no CMake, nothing so I can start fresh...

Is there someone who can help me make it work? Or is there any tutorial which I can easily follow? It looks like there are tutorials for older (different) versions of Eclipse and OpenCV, so I think newest versions require different settings/approach and I cannot find any...


What is the best combination of Eclipse and OpenCV version?

Thank you guys !!!