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2016-02-12 08:54:58 -0600 asked a question What method is used to detect this rectangle?

Rotating Target changed distances computed with SolvePnP

I'm trying to detect the pose of a hexagon shape with a similar frame around it but I'm not able to isolate out everything that is going on in the background. Perhaps another issue I have is that I'm really only familiar with Python and there are no comments in this code (and most others in the Github/samples directory). I have followed each of the tutorial lessons for OpenCV Python on and

Can the author or anyone help identify the method?

2016-02-12 08:47:02 -0600 commented question Rotating target changes distances computed with solvePnP

I can't find a way to send a private message, but can I pick your code on how you were able to detect this rectangle? I'm trying to do something similar with a hexagon shape, but I'm having problems.