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My question seems to have 2 answers, but I can't see them. How can I read the answers?

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Hi there,

For fun, I have been trying to do a skittles counter. I am almost there except for a few candies which are to close together to make them easily separated for the program.

I mostly followed this website to create the program.

The program does not use hough circle to detect the candies, but peaks using distance transform.

The program and an example file is attached here.

So the question is : How can I get all the skittles and exclude false positive?

Follow up

Here's the hue channel from one experiment. How can I manage to limit the noise on certain colour? image description


image description

Thanks for helping

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2012-08-07 13:57:02 -0500 asked a question tbb_debug.dll missing, but it's there...

I used to work with OpenCV 1.4 under Visual Studio, now I'm learning how to use OpenCv 2.4. I noticed it is waaaayyy more complicated to configure.

I'm using VS2010 over Win7 x64.

I configured all the project settings following this tutorial which is by the way, the only one that partially worked.

So I had the tbb_debug.dll missing error. The problem is that it is already there. Why does my project cannot see the DLL? The only way I manage to make my project work was by copying tbb_debug.dll under the x64\vc10\bin folder.

What should I do to make my project look inside the common folder?