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2017-07-19 09:10:43 -0500 asked a question Image Matching - not flat (rough) objects


I want to match two not flat objects but I it not so easy.


I build a tube with about 30 LEDs mounted in circle to achieve more or less good 360° light around the object. Of course the shadows are not 100% equal but +/- constant and I would say - "rotation invariant" :-)

Object placed in the middle of the tube. On the opposite end of the tube I have a PiCamera (also in the middle).

Distance between object und LED-circle is adjustable and I found optimal (I hope) distance to achieve best contrast & shadows (every groove ist visible very well).

I take 512x512px pics. First I take a train-picture of some object. Then I replace the object with another one and take a query-picture.

Now I am trying to match two pictures. And results are very bad. Too many false matches (70%?).

I use ORB + BFMatcher.

I've built a JavaFX GUI to be able to adjust all ORB/FBMatcher parameters without compiling the test application x1000 times per day :-) No matter what I do - what values I set with my sliders - no luck.

Almost all examples in the Internet - are flat objects (books, cards etc). And matching works well.

Have someone experience with matching of not flat objects? Coins? Tokens? Something like that...