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2013-04-22 07:35:10 -0500 asked a question Problem with CaptureVideo on arm board


I've cross compiled OpenCv for an IgepV2 (arm cortex A8), and I didn't succeed in openning the video device using a videoCapture object. If I don't specify the size of the frames, it return the following errors:


VIDIOC_STREAMON: Invalid argument

If I specify the size of the frames like this:



it returns "select timeout" two times after few seconds, and crash. I also had "ccdc won't become idle" error.

If I use Gstreamer (without OpenCv), it works and I can see the video. I wonder if there is any other settings in OpenCv (I tried all the cap.set(...) settings, but it says that this property is not available). Also, I didn't cross compile OpenCv with ffmpeg or Gstreamer, but I think only v4l2 matters.

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my english)