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2013-07-25 10:28:51 -0500 asked a question Is there a way of 'hiding' the opencvManager icon from the user?


I know that it is good to have the manager just installed once, to save the having mutiple installs. Ideally I would like apps that check if it exists first then if not there then display message. Can you install it and then just not show/hide the open cv manager icon. I will be running a demo of my app and I would really like to just show a one step install, and one icon. Hope this makes sense.

2013-07-25 08:32:36 -0500 answered a question installing OpenCV manager for emulatur

In a command window, ie not in eclipse or whatever editor you are using. You will need to be in the directory where the adb command is, ie where your android sdk has been installed, on my machine c:\Android\Android-sdk\platform-tools. then run your command, including the full path to your apk package. Also note, when I did this I needed to have my emulator ready and already running. Good Luck

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