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2014-04-28 03:57:10 -0500 answered a question Problem in using K-means clustering an image using Java


Not really an answer, but is your result just the mHSV file "printed out"?

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2013-06-01 08:20:24 -0500 answered a question Java Jar Build/Download

Have you tried using the .exe builder? It will give you the Java libs under the /build/java folder I think...

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Nice solution, but have you thought about the other way around?

2013-05-20 16:28:50 -0500 asked a question Build OpenCV on a freeBSD machine

Hi all

I'm trying to build OpenCV with cmake on a FreeBSD machine. My issue is that I can't get cmake to recognize my Java installation. It appears that it finds Java, but complains that there is no JNI (Java Native Interface) which is needed to create the Java bindings introduced in 2.4.4.

I have found some writings on the Internets saying something about Highgui being an issue on FreeBSD, but I don't think that is the issue here.

Unfortunately I have only found a FreeBSD port for opencv v2.3 but I need the Java Bindings from v2.4.4. So, any ideas why it can't find JNI? I use the OpenJDK 7 on my installations.

UPDATE: I have succesfully made cmake find JNI by typing "# setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/local/openjdk7/" before cmake'ing. Now it will build Java.

HOWEVER, its stop around 18% because of something with HighGUI, and CaptureFromCam_V4l.

Now I can live without the Cam functionality. So does anyone know a workaround so that cmake will not even build it?