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2013-03-20 05:57:35 -0500 commented question Standard rectangle size and image scanning precision

OK, well then I'm in the wrong place ;)

2013-03-20 05:48:02 -0500 asked a question Standard rectangle size and image scanning precision

Hey guys, yeah it's me again. I have tried the averaging frames thing to get a more stable and smooth face detection rectangle, I basically coded a for loop which collected the x, y, height and width of the rectangle, added the x, y etc. values and then calculate the averages and enter it into the drawrect function ;) (i'm new to this so pls dont be harsh if the method Ive used was noobish i tried my best)

However I have been emailing with an AR coder and he told me that the problem comes from having a "rather large" rectagnle from the beginning and the value for "continuing which pixel/coordinates to scan for face" was also too large!

Now the thing is, where can I change it - I'm working with flartoolkit in adobe flex and marilena for detecting faces, I have been looking in all the .as files of marilena and it's really hard for a newbie like me to understand what's really going on there...

How would do accomplish that??

2013-03-19 15:50:15 -0500 commented answer latest haarcascade for face detection

Thanks. Would you code that what you have suggested for me for a bit of money cause I'm a newbie and I need it for my university stuff (project - its kinda urgent) ;)

2013-03-19 09:20:07 -0500 asked a question latest haarcascade for face detection

Hey guys, I'm currently looking for the newest/most updated haarcascade for (mid) face detection! I've been using one from 2009:

it draws rectangles around the face etc. but it's not smooth enough and the rectangle basically jumps up and down etc. even when my face is standing still!

I want one to do a smooth detection so that when i overlay a 3d object on my face it doesnt jump around a few centimeters on the x and y achsis even when i'm standing still...hope you get what i mean.

help would be really appreciated