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2016-09-15 05:57:31 -0500 answered a question Feature Detector corrupts KeyPoint vector in OpenCV3.0 using MSVC 14: _BIG_ALLOCATION_ALIGNMENT Assertion message

The problem is internal realocation of vector data in

detector->detect(img, features);

which does not retain the correct alignment of data (for me it was 32 -bit), so Visual dealoc cast assertion when deleting such vector. I solved the problem (for OpenCV 2.4.13 ) by reservation of vector size to prevent realocation. For example:

vector<KeyPoint> features;
detector->detect(img, features);
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2015-11-16 12:38:05 -0500 asked a question Simple OpenCV applicaton hangs after exe copied

I am running simple tutorial application compiled under Visual Studio 2013. It runs fine run from the command line. Unfortunately, when I copy the exe file to another location application hangs. There are problems even with the killing process with task manager. Since it is strange that I question whether anyone encountered a similar problem and managed to solve it.

Thank you for your suggestions . The problem solved itself the next day. Copying the application is working properly and I was not able to repeat this error. The behavior was strange because I did everything including copying DLLs to the application folder .