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2013-03-07 01:30:59 -0500 commented answer Issues with cv 2.4.4 opencv_core244d.dll and VS2012

I changed x86 to x64, and it seems to subsided the error. Not quite sure why it worked, but I'm happy that it did. Thanks for the help!

2013-03-06 16:52:16 -0500 commented answer Issues with cv 2.4.4 opencv_core244d.dll and VS2012

I actually copied it the other way around, strange right? I copied the debug and just took off the 'd's. For the additional libraries I currently have it set to: "c:/opencv/build/x86/vc11/lib;%(AdditionalLibraryDirectories)" is this correct? Thanks for the reply btw!

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2013-03-06 16:00:04 -0500 asked a question Issues with cv 2.4.4 opencv_core244d.dll and VS2012

I'm fairly new to opencv, and really by that I mean that I haven't used it at all yet, but would like to. Currently when I run a simple program like, just initializing an image object like: "Mat test;" and attempt to run it, it crashes in debug mode, but not release.

"program can't start because opencv_core244d.dll is missing from your computer."

With someone's help I was able to set up OpenCV_Debug and OpenCV_Release within the VS property manager with seemingly all the correct paths and lib that I may need. I also set up the system path to include C:\opencv\build\x86\vc11\bin, but still when I attempt to run a program in debug mode, it crashes with the error.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

on a side note, it works fine if I just throw the necisarry .dll files in the project folder, I was just hoping to solve this minor issue.


edit: forgot to add in the actual error