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2015-10-28 00:50:45 -0500 commented answer Connect OpenCV with SQlite

Hi, As per you said , yes definitely its a foolish idea to store in SQLite. Now I am storing in file type of XML/YML.

As you said for perform match parallel, I tried and went through tutorials also but not got enough knowledge.. Currently I am storing the Image keypoints and descriptors in a file to perform match. Can you provide me something regarding the parallel matching technique.

I am doing this all in iOS.

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2015-10-19 08:49:32 -0500 asked a question Connect OpenCV with SQlite

Hi, I want to connect OpenCV with sqlite in iOS. The scenario is , I have few images into which have to find the identical image matched scanned by the camera. for a single image its working fine, but for a group of Images when I used for loop inside it, is taking so much Time. I searched a lot and find that ,if i use a database of Images and give indexes using FLANN, the the search will become faster. The Problem is now , How I can connect OpenCV with Sqlite ? and How to store Images into Sqlite using OpenCV ,and then fetch from there for matching.

Please if anyone will help me , I am very thankful to him.