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2016-05-26 05:04:42 -0500 commented question Is there a reason why OpenCV does not support (CV_32U) 32 bit depth unsigned integer Mat?

Good question... Must be a reason, but I can't figure it out. It would be very useful to have CV_32U available.

2016-05-24 22:19:24 -0500 answered a question Compiling error with -lippicv

Just for reference, and in addition of the other answer: on my Opencv 3.1 install on Ubuntu, the file is located here (starting from the source directory):


or, for 32 bits installs:

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Thanks, that's a clear answer, although it is to me contradictory with CMakeLists.txt:835, that states: "status("Build Documentation:" PDFLATEX_COMPILER THEN YES ELSE "YES (only HTML and without math expressions)")". As I have the latex compiler, I expected it to say "YES", thus my incomprehension. But maybe that was just something that was planned and that eventually didn't work. (I'm not very good with cmake)

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2013-02-21 10:09:34 -0500 asked a question Unable to build documentation

I have successfully build Opencv2.4.4, with:


Now, a couple of days later, I want to build documentation for offline reading. After rerunning cmake, I notice the following output:

--   Documentation:
--     Build Documentation:         NO
--     Sphinx:                      NO
--     PdfLaTeX compiler:           /usr/bin/pdflatex

I couldn't find anywhere a list of valid options for cmake, so I had a look inside the file CMakeLists.txt, where I notice that the corresponding option seems to be called BUILD_DOCS.

So I try again cmake:


or even:


But, no, the cmake output keeps saying it won't build doc. And funnily , it seems that this option should be enabled by default (line 154) :

OCV_OPTION(BUILD_DOCS "Create build rules for OpenCV Documentation" ON )

However, after checking indepth the Cmakelists.txt file (line 807), it seems that is is indeed possible to build html and pdf versions of doc ?

So my questions are:

  • Is is possible to build doc without Sphinx ?
  • If yes, how can I force cmake to generate the "doc" target ?

(And, yes, in the meanwhile I got the online pdf files, but the question remains.)

2013-02-19 08:38:14 -0500 commented question Build failure (2.4.4) : unsupported/Eigen/MatrixFunctions

I just spend 10mn posting a lengthy answer to my own question, with links on relevant material, and when I click on the button, I just loose everything (because new users need to wait 2 days before answering their own question). I'm ok with the principle, AS LONG AS I CAN COPY MY ANSWER BEFORE IT GETS THROWN AWAY !!! Now its lost...

2013-02-19 07:53:55 -0500 commented question Build failure (2.4.4) : unsupported/Eigen/MatrixFunctions

ok, seems that it is related to Eigen... But not necessarly installed with it!

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2013-02-19 06:48:30 -0500 asked a question Build failure (2.4.4) : unsupported/Eigen/MatrixFunctions

I'm not sure this is the right place to report a build problem, so please tell me.

I have a build error with Opencv 2.4.4 (occured also with 2.4.2) with something related to Eigen (?). Cmake (2.8.7) runs fine, but make throws an error:

[..]/modules/contrib/src/rgbdodometry.cpp:65:47: fatal error: 
           unsupported/Eigen/MatrixFunctions: No such file or directory

Is this file related to Eigen in any way ? Or is it supposed to be part of Opencv release ? How can I solve this problem ? Can I build Opencv without the 'contrib' part ?