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Wow, that was a really quick answer! Thanks a lot for your hints - I'll give it a try, really sounds promising!

2015-09-16 03:34:28 -0600 asked a question recognise colours in 3x3 grid

Hi all,

I'm just starting, so this is a very high level question...

Is it possible to use OpenCV for recognising basic colours in a 3x3 grid? Imagine a rubik's cube, you take a picture of one of the sides and this picture is then either

  • compared to a set of pictures showing all possible combinations and one of them is matched
  • analyzed and the colours are directly identified, i.e. upper left corner is yellow, middle is red...

Do you think something like this is possible in OpenCV and if yes, can you give me first hints what to start with?

Thanks a lot!