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I am currently working on a project in which figures in videos should be detected and recognized. I am using

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 20120
  • OpenCV 3.0 and OpenCV extra modules
  • Qt 5.3
  • Windows 8.1

I compiled OpenCV sucessfully on my machine using this tutorial, additionally to that I build it WITH_OPENGL checked. I try to recognize the eyes of a person to normalize the image and because of that I am using the provided cascades to localize the eyes. The problem I encounter is the following: when I execute OpenCV's detectMultiScale function my internal graphics card crashes. windows error

cascade.detectMultiScale(equalizedImg, objects, searchScaleFactor, minNeighbors, flags, minFeatureSize);

The classifiers are loaded/ initialized correclty and all parameters are set. The program itself still runs and no exception is thrown but also it seems that debug outputs in front and after this line are not printed.I did not find a answer on the web and I am not shure how to solve this error. Is it possible that the library is build incorrectly or is it a problem with my interal graphics card. Can OpenCV use my NVIDIA graphics card instead? Thank you for your help!