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2015-10-21 19:08:36 -0500 asked a question Build OpenCV3+contrib for Python 3.4 Win32


I have been trying for two months to use CMake and VS10 to generate an OpenCV3+contrib install, but without success. After trying many settings, I have learned that many modules in OpenCV and in opencv_contrib have errors that cause the build to fail and I cannot fix. But I do not know what modules are defective. Many other people are having similar difficulties.

I am about to give up on OpenCV+contrib because I do not have the knowledge or skills to build it for Python 3.4.

Is there any site to download a binary installation (.exe) of OpenCV+contrib for Python 3.4 on Win32? Many people also want this install method and configuration.

Thanks for any help.

2015-08-26 23:31:05 -0500 asked a question Install OpenCV 3.0 Extra Modules in WinPython

How do I install the OpenCV module opencv_contrib in WinPython?

The build procedure for OpenCV looks way too complicated to be successful on my computer. I could not even install Python successfully (I tried for two weeks and had hundreds of errors), so I had to install WinPython. I do not want to repeat and have a failed installation with opencv_contrib.

WinPython requires a exe or whl file to install. How to get a exe or whl file of opencv_contrib or OpenCV3+opencv_contrib ?

I installed OpenCV3 by using a OpenCV3cp34Win32.whl file. But not with opencv_contrib. Now I need to install opencv_contrib to use SIFT and SURF.

Windows 7 WinPython 3.4

Thanks for any help or suggestions.