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@sturkmen I'mean always up for collaboration. The wifi equipment to enable the webcam will be arriving in a few days, and I'll be starting to set up the hardware, camera, etc. after that. Let me know what a you're thinking

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@berak For now I'm only concerned about those two horses. For question 3, I'm not trying to identify other things, I would just like to be able to determine if the web cam is most likely NOT seeing a horse in the feeder. (This would be to prevent dispensing when something else random triggers the motion sensor.) BTW, You should post your comment as an answer so that I can mark it.

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I've built an automatic horse feeder for my horses, and am working on the software for it.

The goal is to identify which horse is at the feeder and use that to get how much food to dispense. I've got a web cam setup over the feeder, and it should be able to get a decent face shot of the horse. Additionally, the feeder has guides so that the horse's head will be in the same rough position when they enter.

As a newb to openCV, I wanted to ask a couple high-level questions before I dive into learning Open CV:

  1. Attached is a picture of the two horses. C:\fakepath\HorseFaces.jpg Is it safe to assume that they are sufficiently different to get a reasonable accuracy rate with openCV?
  2. If I want the image analyzed within 4-5 seconds, how much hardware will that require? (Modern windows machine, or can I use an old beast?)
  3. Would OpenCV have a reasonable chance to detect if something other than a horse was in the feeder? (Dog running through it's field of vision, raccoon, etc.?)
  4. What would it be a reasonable number of photos of the horses to use for matching? (IOW, is one good photo each all I will need, or should I have 4 (or 10 or 20) photos of each horse to improve accuracy?)