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Thanks to all, I will try to use methods of Histogram Equalizationn

2014-09-07 03:15:34 -0600 asked a question Problems with Face detection

Hello all! I use Viola-Jones method for face detection in OpenCV, but, when the face is lit half (one half of the face is lit, the other is darkened) face is not detected. Could any one suggest any solution to this problem?

2014-01-20 14:11:49 -0600 answered a question I can't install openCV in eclipse for use with andorid.

image description

2013-02-24 01:36:39 -0600 answered a question Display Haar features from a trained AdaBoost classfier

Here guy realized your idea.

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mmm, ok, thanks

2013-02-21 08:40:25 -0600 answered a question cascade classifier data structure

It is possible to use CvHaarClassifierCascade structure in such manner:

CvHaarClassifierCascade* c = (CvHaarClassifierCascade*)cvLoad("haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml", 0, 0, 0);
for (int i = 0; i< c->count; i++)
    CvHaarStageClassifier* stage = c->stage_classifier + i;
    for (int j = 0; j < stage->count; j++)
        CvHaarClassifier* hc = stage->classifier + j;
        for (int k = 0; k < hc->count; k++)
            CvHaarFeature* feature = hc->haar_feature + k;
            if(feature->tilted) std::cout << "has titled!";
2013-02-21 00:39:32 -0600 asked a question cascade classifier data structure

Hello all! For my own implementation of Viola-Jones algorithm partly I use some methods and structures of OpenCV. For example, reading of images to structure CvMat. Now I need to use cascade classifier. For example, I decide to use class cv::CascadeClassifier. Is there easy way to access members of this class? For example to vector<stage>. This member somehow is protected... Or exists another similar structure? Thanks for the answers.

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mmm... just one more question) In xml file there is a tag <feature>, that represents single feature. This tag have nested tag <tilted>. Does value 0 inside this tag means that this is not tilted feature?

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BGR is the same as RGB, but order of channels is inversed because of little-endian order of bytes in processor... Check this link For values (0,0), (0,1), (0, n) I think that this is coordinates of pixel - index of row and column.

2013-02-20 05:16:27 -0600 asked a question haarcascade_frontalface_alt

I use cascade file haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml. Does the word "alt" mean that this cacsade doesn't use titled features?

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ok, thanks

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I have one additional question. I use cascade file haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml. Does the word "alt" mean that this cacsade doesn't use titled features?

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Yeah, maybe I say not very clear... I can't understand only titled integral image. Anyway thanks to the answer!

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2013-02-19 12:37:30 -0600 answered a question Needing Help With a Code

Copy constructor - create new object with data identical to source object

2013-02-19 12:31:51 -0600 answered a question Matrix Question

I think yes... looks like pixel in BGR model

2013-02-19 12:21:22 -0600 asked a question tilted integral sum

Hello all! Is getting of tilted integral sum is necessarily for implementing Viola-Jones method? It seems to me that I saw some realizations which don't use tilted integral sum. This kind of integral image is some strange for me, I can't understand it...

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thanks a lot

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Sorry, but I don't understand you... For example, for 3x3 matrix {{1 2 3} {3 2 1} {2 3 1}} integral matrix will be {{1 3 6}{4 8 12}{6 13 18}}. Am i right?

2013-02-04 00:55:23 -0600 edited question CvIntegral

Hello all! I have some questions about function cvIntegral().
1. Why resulting integral image have size (source_width+1) x (source_height+1), but not source_width x source_height?
2. How integral image of colored image (3-channel) is calculating?

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