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2015-09-04 19:16:39 -0600 asked a question How to set other parameters in StereoBM

I noticed that in mexopencv object StereoBM lacks many parameters that can be set in openCV. I find that weird, because in the related StereoSGBM you can set all the parameters.

Links for comparison:

I also checked the source code for StereoBM.m (link: and parameters like "SpeckleRange", "SpeckleWindowSize" are listed there, but i don't know how to use them.

So what I'm asking is if there is any way that i can set parameters (like "UniquenessRatio" "SpeckleRange" "SpeckleWindowSize" and so on) of object StereoBM using mexopencv?

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2015-07-28 23:08:35 -0600 asked a question How does solvePnP (iterative) initialize its solution

Documentation says that solvePnP uses iterative method by default. However iterative method needs an initial solution to work and it does not say how the solution is initialized. I would like to know this for my thesis.

Is it maybe a simple DLT (the one that needs at least 6 points) or something else?