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2015-06-14 11:04:37 -0500 commented answer How to extract tables from an image?

Woow!! Straight answer.And you explained it very well.Amazing.Thank You very much.You are a life saver.Thank you

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2015-06-14 02:21:00 -0500 commented question How to extract tables from an image?

Okay, I've uploaded a real image.I want to extract those 2 tables(or if there are more than 2 tables, then all those tables.)

2015-06-14 02:16:52 -0500 edited question How to extract tables from an image?

I've converted some pdf pages into images that contains tables.I want to crop those tables from the images and save as separate images.I'm new to Open CV and any guidance will be helpful.I want to know which algorithms should i use and how to do it.If any tutorials are there please post the links.I'm using OpenCV 3.0.0 and visual studio 2013.

image description

In this sample image, I want to extract all the images. Thank You