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2015-04-25 19:41:25 -0500 asked a question lets compile opencv and qt

Hey Berak I lost the original thread. Qt support so will have to compile opencv. Question is a 32 bit or 64bit open cv build. Qt comes in super stable build (32 bit I assume) on the qt website. There exists a 64bit Qt version as well. Is there any benefit do you think doing one version (32) over another (64)? Is the 64bit opencv build backwards compatible with 32bit Qt

If you find my original post I would appreciate it. I was basically asking about whether I needed to build the binaries or not (opencv). U said 'yes' if needing qt support.

Found it:

"as of now, yes, if you're using visual studio. for anything else (mingw, linux, bloody apple) you will have to compile the opencv libs from src, using cmake but, again, - those prebuild liibs are plain vanilla - if you need cuda/ocl/tbb/qt support, - you need to install the respective sdk, and re-compile from src."

2015-04-25 16:17:06 -0500 asked a question easy but important questions
  1. when you download open cv and unzip it/.exe, do you need to do further compilation or are the binaries pre-built, ready to go?

I was involved in a cv projects years ago, but am rusty on setting up the environment again.