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2012-07-17 20:02:52 -0500 commented question Record/Store constant refreshing coordinates points into notepad

i am aware of filestorage. what i mean by notepad is textfiles. i know how to create a textfile, but what i am facing is that i only can write out the latest coordinate point.

okay, an overview of my project.

currently i am doing this project to track and analyst the step size of physically handicapped patients. i have completed all steps, now at my final phase. which is to store ALL data. but with ostream or even filestorage, i can only manage to store the latest coordinate. Do you have any solution?

thank you!

2012-07-16 20:41:33 -0500 asked a question Record/Store constant refreshing coordinates points into notepad

Hi all!

i would like to thank whoever that read this thread first! :D

Let's go into details...

i have done all tracking purposes for my project, thresholding, canny, getting my center coordinates for my tracking object. But there is one big hurdle that i am facing for a long period of time, it is how do you Record those constantly refreshing points into note pad?

i have tried, ostream. but my output has only one coordinate! not more. is there any way i can constantly record the ever changing of coordinates point?

Thanks a lot! Regards Colin