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Hi. I am having the exact same issue. Does anyone have a solution for this yet? Thanks.

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Hi Himanshu. I am really sorry for the late response. I just read your comment did not get a notification when you sent it. Did you manage to get the UVC camera working? Please let me know and I will be more then happy to help you out anyway I can. Sorry again for the late response. Thanks.

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Hi Alexander, Thank you for the response and information.

1) What you say makes sense and I am pretty sure that the camera I have is working off the V4L and not via the camera stack. So I cannot use the camera via device index for OpenCV. The sample application/source code I am using can be found here ( if anybody wants or is interested.

2) I think that OpenCV code modification will be required in my case. Any pointers on how I am supposed to start doing this?

Thanks again for your help. It is appreciated.



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2013-01-08 23:15:56 -0500 asked a question UVC Camera and OpenCV 2.4.3 for Android 4.2


I am relatively new to Android programming and to OpenCV. This is also my first post/question on this forum.

I am currently working on a project that requires I use an external camera and OpenCV on an android device (Nexus 7). Is there any way to do this? OpenCV 2.4.3 seems to handle the camera component on its own in the background, so I am not sure how to pass the external camera frames to it.

I have managed to get the external camera (UVC compatible) working on the Nexus 7.

Any help will be appreciated.