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2015-03-29 06:04:51 -0500 asked a question How to Modify OpenCV4Android Source Code to support USB Camera On Android device

Hello everybody , it's the first time that i ask question here.My English is not so good,so i hope that everyone can understand. Now I am doing a project on Android , using USB Camera to capture the image and processing with OpenCV.And I have tested my Android environment,I use Android API of Class Android.hardware.Camera to write a simple android project to test the system,the result is that i have own one back camera(that just is USB camera).When I import OpenCV4Android Sample of 15-puzzle into eclipse, I clean,build and launch the sample into my Android develop board.However,when i open the app of 15-puzzle,i get the dialogue,it shows the infomation "It seems that your device does not support camera(or it is locked).Application will be closed." I google this problem,and get the answer of "OpenCV4Android Library doesn't support USB Camera".But now,I don't know how to modify the OpenCV4Android Source Code to meet my demand. Thanks!

2015-03-28 02:30:27 -0500 answered a question "it seems that ur device doesnot support camera(or it is locked) when using usb camera in Android

I meet the same problem like you.The problem's caution is that OpenCV4Android Library Only support the Android device it's own camera , however , it doesn't support USB Camera . Ok , hope you can solve the problem.