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2015-01-09 17:50:45 -0600 commented answer Using Wavefront OBJ/SPL "meshes" directly in OpenCV

Thanks - I hadn't (yet). Just looking at it now - does it work without the need to launch a window? (Documentation only shows examples with it)

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I use OpenCV for the rest of the image processing and manipulation and it made sense to keep it all within OpenCV instead of using even more applications. Thanks for the Wavefront/form correction btw.

2015-01-09 15:26:40 -0600 asked a question Using Wavefront OBJ/SPL "meshes" directly in OpenCV

I have a need to "render" a 3d MeshLab produced mesh in OpenCV directly - this can be exported in Waveform obj, ply, stl, off, wrf, dxf, dae, ctm, xyz, gts, json, u3d, idtf or x3d "formats").

At the moment, I'm having to load a .obj file into my C++ application using OpenGL which then "insists" on having a windowing environment to render to (which cannot be provided on the server) - however, I just need a Jpeg or similar file produced (I'll be really happy with having a standard cv::Mat produced)

My question, therefore, is: Is there any way of producing an image file with a 3d mesh within OpenCV itself without the use of third party libraries? [I do have the need to be able to plot it, and other details, in "3d" space]?

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