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2015-09-17 06:10:36 -0500 asked a question Modules in cv2.pyd

How can I get the list of installed modules in cv2 interface. Exactly, I want to know if cuda based modules are installed in cv2.pyd


2015-08-31 11:43:17 -0500 commented question Error installing opencv 3 with extra modules

I can't even generate the .sln file, how can I build it in release mode ?

2015-08-31 11:10:02 -0500 asked a question Error installing opencv 3 with extra modules

I am trying to install opencv 3 from source and tried to include extra modules in order to use their python bindings I set the varibales OPENV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH to D:/opencv_extra/modules and press the configure button of the cmake gui and I got this error:

CMake Error at cmake/OpenCVDetectPython.cmake:78 (if): if given arguments:

"NOT" "optimized" "C:/Anaconda/libs/python27.lib"

"debug" "C:/Anaconda/libs/python27_d.lib" "EQUAL" ""

Unknown arguments specified Call Stack (most recent call first):
cmake/OpenCVDetectPython.cmake:219 (find_python) CMakeLists.txt:551 (include)

I am running windows 10 x64 - visual studio 2013 Pro - Anaconda python distribution.

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2014-06-26 05:55:12 -0500 asked a question using opencv gpu functions in python


Is there a way to use gpu functions in python? I am mainly interested in keypoints descriptors.

Thank you.

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:D, Ok done, in this part of the work python 2.7 and opencv 2.4 work just fine. thank you very much.

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due to some dependencies problem, I am using opencv 1.0 with python 2.5

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2014-05-22 12:54:00 -0500 asked a question python cvLoadImage problem

Hi, I am trying to get the width attribute of an Image that I have loaded wtih cvLoadImage in python using the following code:

frame = cvLoadImage(name, CV_LOAD_IMAGE_GRAYSCALE)
xres = frame.width
yres = frame.height

when the program arrives to these ligne it get stack and gives the following error:

 Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 686, in <module>
      xres_max = frame.width
 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'width'

Can you please help me solve this problem.

P.S: sorry for my english.

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2012-12-13 16:04:04 -0500 asked a question (opencv_core243d.dll) : fatal error LNK1112

Hi, I installed version 2.4.3 of opencv on my x64 machine runnig windows 8. to test the installation I tried the camera calibration sample from the sample folder. After adding the necessary paths (C:\opencv\build\include and C:\opencv\build\x64\vc10\lib) and libraries (opencv_calib3d243d and so on ...), I tried to build the project, unfortunately I failed on the following error

(opencv_core243d.dll) : fatal error LNK1112 module machine type 'x64' conflicts with target machine type'X86'

is there any solution please ?