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2015-01-15 10:03:01 -0500 asked a question Choice of best recognize algorithm

Hi! Following an example of Android Application Programming with OpenCV I tried to create an app that recognize an image of an artwork compare with a photo of an artwork.

In the example of the book the author use FeatureDetector.STAR algorithm and DescriptorExtractor.FREAK algorithm. Using these for the app presented by the book, all works perfectly.

I have created a porting of this app for desktop use. My goal is to provide an application that compare two image (an image of an artwork and a my photo of the artwork) and establish if they are the same.

So if I use STAR and FREAK the recognize doesn't works! The application recognize also photo of others artworks!! Which algorithms are best in my case?

2015-01-15 09:25:13 -0500 asked a question OpenCV unable to load lib in Tomcat servlet

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no opencv_java245 in java.library.path

I am sure that I've setup correctly my project in eclipse using System.loadLibrary(Core.NATIVE_LIBRARY_NAME); and import jar file in the build path. Now I create a dinamic project but the servlet crash because opencv is unable to load lib.

my directories are: tomcat/myservlet/WEB-INF/classes/servlet.class

WHERE I SHOULD ADD OPENCV LAB? I tried to add it in tomcat/myservlet/WEB-INF/lib

and set System.load("tomcat/myservlet/WEB-INF/lib/opencv-2410.jar "); but no works :(


2014-11-11 13:32:52 -0500 asked a question Print MatOfKeyPoint in a text file

Hi guys, At the first, sorry for my bad english. I'm a student and I'm trying to develop an application with the Android version of OpenCV. I need some information about the structure and the methods to manipulate MatOfKeyPoint Object.

I don't understand so good the structure of Keypoints and MatOfKeyPoint, however I need to "print" the MatOfKeyPoints of certain image in a text file but I don't understand how to do it.

Can you explain me what functions can I use to do it?

Here there is the dedicated JavaDoc: Java API)