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2014-11-14 01:35:28 -0500 commented answer 2D line fitting using RANSAC

FooBar, I have considered HoughLines. Unfortunately it was not giving me what I wanted. Later I attacked my original problem in a different approach which does not require either Hough fitting or RANSAC. But I plan to write a RANSAC line fitting function later in my free time.

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Thank you Doombot :) btw, I am using C++

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2014-10-31 14:23:43 -0500 asked a question 2D line fitting using RANSAC

I have a very simple Mat object which is a binary image. All the pixels are 0 except a few which are 1(some of which are inliers and some are outliers). I want to fit a line on these 1 pixels using RANSAC. Is there any built in method to do that or I have to write one?

I am using OpenCV v2.4.8 on Fedora 20 GNU/Linux.