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2019-03-29 06:39:18 -0500 commented question Double digit recognition

as far as I am aware, outside of building your own OCR classifier, there really is not that many options for opensource

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Hi @berak, I did try tesseract but it is not working well (can't restrain it to only digits). Also, I am thinking there

2019-03-28 08:07:52 -0500 asked a question Double digit recognition

Double digit recognition Hi, I would deeply appreciate a high-level input on how to go about digit recognition for my d

2012-11-27 02:56:52 -0500 commented answer Python and OpenCV installation

Thank you. Well if all that can be done with cv, can also be done with cv2, I'll stick with cv2.

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2012-11-26 09:15:59 -0500 asked a question Python and OpenCV installation

Hi guys, I am new to Python and OpenCV. So prob this will be a dumb question but I would very much appreciate the answer. thanks.

  1. Based on the web search I installed Python 2.7 WIN 32 bit, and the latest OpenCV 2.4.3. I also installed numpy.

  2. I copied cv2.pyd from opencv folder to lib/site-packages python folder

  3. import cv2 as cv in python

  4. looks ok... no error...

  5. there are no functions such as Load, LoadImage, LoadImageM.... basically no functions that are present in python cookbook ...

Now the most basic question:

How can I install opencv so I can go thorough examples from python cookbook from the above link???

Thank you.