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Steven - thanks for the lead! I'll get in touch with Toon. Dale

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Hello OpenCV group. My name is Dale Albright, President/CEO at Telecommunications Technology (TTI) in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. I am reaching out to you on recommendation of other OpenCV developers.

I am heading-up a project at TTI involving a video camera to detect, classify and identify objects on an airfield. TTI has developed a Generation I fixed-base airport camera system named ATNIS - Aircraft Tail Number Identification System.

My current project involves developing a Generation II ATNIS camera, which will be portable and operate on a Linux low power ARM based processor board.

I am looking for a developer or company with experience developing and applying image processing and vision techniques such as image segmentation, object/pattern recognition, detection, classification, identification, feature/text extraction, OCR, SIFT/SURF, adaptive background models, machine learning, and am seeking your recommendations.

I would be happy to discuss further details here and can be contacted at [email protected] by interested parties.

Best Regards,

Dale Albright President/CEO Telecommunications, Technology, Inc. 3331 Heritage Trade Dr., Suite 101 Wake Forest, NC 27587 less…