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Hello All, I am hoping someone can help me out. I have written a Java app and am running it on the mainthread. I started by using the tutorials and examples supplied with OpenCV. It works great. I have now added an IntentService so I can run the app in the background and have moved most of the OpenCv code to the IntentService. I didnt bring all the methods into the IntentService Handler. When the intenhandler gets called everything seems to work fine up to the point where I begin to deal with the Mats. If I try and set a color for a Mat for example I get a runtime error and it crashes.Currently I am not able to provide Logcat output.Someone on another blog suggested the BaseLoadercallback needs to be running. So I am wondering if I need the BaseLoaderCallBack within the IntentService? Any ideas?

Also everything is in Java.

Thanks in advance HydrogenDave