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@StevenPuttemans yes but this tutorial write in c++ . i write my program with python

2014-08-26 00:18:54 -0500 asked a question test neural network

I want construct to a ann with python and opencv for ocr. I create inputs samples and train ann. Now, I want to test my ann with a new sample for classify it in one of 25 class. how to? what is predicate?

2014-08-23 12:39:01 -0500 asked a question fill border object

I want fill object in below image that touch border.

image description

how to?

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@break merci i every litle circle and points beatween character are noises. in this example 8 big character is there. ۴ ۹ ج ۹ ۱ ۷ ۶۵

i want to segement iranian plate to this 8 simple character. i think that a 2d flter that is like + for filtering is good

2014-08-17 01:56:44 -0500 asked a question how to remove point noise

I want to remove noises similiar points and save persian character. my sample is: image description

how to this work is possible? are there any function or algorithm for remove noises in opencv?

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2014-08-13 12:00:39 -0500 asked a question iranian license plate detection

i want to create a license plate detection for iranian license plate that use european standard. for this work i want to use haar feature for localization and tesseract library for ocr and detect character. i collect 800 positive image that include license plate. and use 8 image that license plate in this picture removed.

after a hard work i extract 800 license plate with my hand nad train "trainCascade" in opencv but after testing, result is very bad that or detect any license plate or detect most license plate.

my sample is like follow: for negative: image description

and positive: image description

i have Question: 1-how to train for get best result(with traincascade in opencv)? 2-what ocr library is there for persian that recognize character in iranina license plate? 3-is there any project that may help me?


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thank you ver much

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2014-08-02 12:15:12 -0500 asked a question i want to write plate detection

i want to write license plate detection program with adaboost classifier and python in opencv, please help me about structure of this project thanks