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i don't know if you fix this but in case you didn't since no body bother to answer: You need to right click the project go to Properties, then java Build Path and click Add External JAR. Then locate opencv library-2.4.x.jar and click Open. You can find it in X:\OpenCV-2.4.8-android-sdk\sdk\java\bin


2014-08-02 03:16:09 -0500 asked a question No GPU Support


I am trying to use GpuMat from opencv. The code compiles just fine but when i try to execute it it fails at:

Mat currentblock = ...

GpuMat cb(currentblock); - it fails here

The error is No GPU support the library is build without CUDA support. I use opencv 249 downloaded from this site, it sais that supports CUDA. I tryed to build it my self but the result was the same.

I use Visual Studio 2012.

Please help, i am trying to solve this for two days now.